About New Zealand Teledermatology

The Directors of New Zealand Teledermatology

The directors of New Zealand Teledermatology (NZT) are experienced dermatologists based in Hamilton.

  • Hon A/Prof Amanda Oakley. More about Dr Oakley...
  • Hon A/Prof Marius Rademaker. More about Dr Rademaker...
  • Dr Sarah Hill. More about Dr Hill...

Previous director: Dr Anthony Yung

Our teledermatology experience

The Waikato teledermatologists have been involved in teledermatology activities since 1995. These include clinical consultations, online education and research, with several publications in peer-reviewed medical literature, and international presentations.

  • More than 1000 live interactive consultations by video conference in association with Waikato District Health Board
  • More than 5000 store-and-forward "Virtual Lesion Clinic" teledermatoscopy consultations for skin lesions in association with Waikato District Health Board, since 2010, and Waitemata District Health Board, since 2012; imaging provider is MoleMap New Zealand
  • Many tens of thousands of teledermatoscopy diagnoses (mole mapping / skin lesion archiving system) in the private sector for MoleMap New Zealand since 2003
  • More than 600 store-and-forward miscellaneous teledermatology consultations for mainly Waikato General Practitioners since 2013, using the Collegium Telemedicus platform
  • Development and management of the most popular Dermatology online resource in the world, DermNet New Zealand

Please refer to our publication list for further information about our teledermatology activities.

Our dermatologists are consultants for Waikato District Health Board and have their own private practices. They are actively involved in teaching, research and publications. Dr Rademaker and Dr Oakley have academic appointments at Waikato Clinical Campus, University of Auckland.

Collegium Telemedicus

New Zealand Teledermatology is a Collegium Telemedicus (CT) network. CT is an international non-profit telemedicine organisation.

For further information, please refer to the Collegium Telemedicus website.

Directors of New Zealand TeledermatologyDirectors of NZ Teledermatology

Dr Rademaker and Dr Oakley: video conferencing in 1995Teledermatology in 1995

Dr Rademaker and Dr Oakley: Virtual Lesion ClinicTeledermatology in 2015

Collegium TelemedicusCollegium Telemedicus

Please note, New Zealand Teledermatology does not provide a direct-to-patient consultation service. Please see your own General Practitioner or other healthcare professional to find out how you can access a dermatologist. New Zealand Dermatologists are listed on the New Zealand Dermatological Society's website.
For further information about skin diseases and their treatment, refer to DermNet New Zealand at www.dermnetnz.org.